Reliefs Fish unions

Porcelain with glaze
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10″ – $400. I started this series of reliefs with this one, working with the sense of the incipient seed of humanity within the fish, and our continuing reliance on this species. Our fate lies with their fate.

11″ – $500 . A continuation of this thesis.

12″ – $600. In this relief, the man and fish share an eye

12″ – $600. Again, the incipience of the human within the fish. We are still one with the fish.

Reliefs Yemanja

Porcelain with glaze
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12″ high- $600- Yemanja is a Vodun goddess of the water and motherhood. Here she is giving birth to an eye, which is also the eye of a fish.

13″ – $600 – A more Romanesque version

Reliefs Mrs. Angel

Mrs. Angel was our neighbor for many years and we occasionally visited. She was courteous, intelligent, friendly. In her last years she had severe dementia, and during one visit with a friend, we took a number of photos, which we shared with her, though she no longer recognized herself in them. These reliefs were made from the photos. She had become totally uninhibited and honest, and expressed opinions on the church, sex and my friend’s and my comparative beauty (I paled in comparison). She enjoyed our visit though would never remember it. We were the greatest beneficiaries. Porcelain with glaze
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Reliefs Couples

A deepening relationship in 3 tiles.

Porcelain with glaze
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Reliefs Small

Porcelain with glaze
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Bas Reliefs

Porcelain with glaze
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Portrait commission of 3 grandchildren for a grandmother.

Jan wanted 4 sculptures of the 3 grandchildren to share with the other grandparents. She sent me photos and I did four different ones, trying different poses. Jan also wanted them painted. I’m showing the painted and unpainted versions. They are about 10 inches high. These sold for $2,000 apiece. Prices for portrait commissions vary, depending on size and style. Call us at 479-445-6567 to discuss what you’d like.

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11″ high – $2000

This has a portion of the Shakespearean sonnet on the back from “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun”: “My mistress when she walks tread on the ground, and yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare as any she belied by false compare.”


6″ tall – $400- sold but can be commissioned


11″ high – $2000 and $2300

I DREAM A WORLD has a portion of the poem by Langston Hughes on the back.


11″ high – $2000 and $2300


about 8″ tall- $2000

This is the 7th mastectomy sculpture I’ve done


about 10″ high – $2000.

This was done in celebration of the gay marriages recently taking place this one is sold but others similar can be commissioned


about 11″ high – $2500

The following three photos are some of my favorite pieces from the past.
The’ve all been sold, but similar pieces could be commissioned.

Inward Skies

about 12″ tall – sold – $1800.


$700 each


$700 each

Below are 2 previous sculptures of mastectomies that I’ve done. While meeting the public at fairs, I’ve spoken with many women who have undergone this operation and discovered different attitudes from each individual woman regarding its impact on their lives. I’ve tried to express these attitudes in different sculptures.


10″ high – $1600.

Sold. Will take orders Can be in white or dark stoneware.

“White Mastectomy”

This piece was commissioned by an oncologist for his hospital. It’s about 12″ high. I’ve done about 6 sculptures of mastectomies now and after the first two, because I had spoken with so many cancer survivors who commented on the first pieces, without my planning it the one who had lost the breast became the stronger one in the sculpture. This piece sold for $1800.

Not a mastectomy but a tribute to the love experienced between two people healing from cancer

“Bald Couple”

Porcelain and Stoneware 10″ tall